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US-2007094221-A1: Method and system for analysis of intended meaning of natural language patent, US-2007097018-A1: Picture displaying method, system and unit patent, US-2007097446-A1: Imaging system and method to change field depth patent, US-2007132983-A1: Apparatus for generating date for determining a property of a gemstone patent, US-2007136812-A1: Computer Virus Preventive System patent, US-2007137256-A1: Methods for optical fiber manufacture patent, US-2007187044-A1: Door with variable length screen patent, US-2007191462-A1: Combination of A 5-HT(1) Receptor Agonist and an Alpha-2-Delta Ligand for the Treatment of Migraine patent, US-2007201018-A1: Circuit-pattern inspecting apparatus and method patent, US-2007205751-A1: Device inspection device, device inspection system using the same, and mobile telephone holding device patent, US-2007221420-A1: Engine motor hybrid car patent, US-2007221835-A1: Combined Spectroscopic Method for Rapid Differentiation of Biological Samples patent, US-2007255038-A1: Processes for preparing difunctional compounds patent, US-2007288878-A1: Template-based gateway model routing system patent, US-2007294441-A1: Usb keystroke monitoring apparatus and method patent, US-2008038252-A1: Histamine-Containing Composition for the Treatment of Allergic Diseases patent, US-2008064863-A1: Conjugate of Peo and Double Stranded Nucleic Acid patent, US-2008089696-A1: Quantum communication system, quantum repeater apparatus, quantum repeater method, and computer program product patent, US-2008124282-A1: Oil-containing deodorizing aerosol compositions having skin-cooling active substances patent, US-2008148168-A1: System and method for facilitating interactive selection and presentation of datasets patent, US-2008178374-A1: Hydraulicly lifted toilet seat patent, US-2008188589-A1: Power or Communications Cable With Flame Retardant Polymer Layer patent, US-2008192869-A1: Scalable Data Reception Gain Control for a Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) Communications System patent, US-2008209691-A1: Hose Clamp Holding Structure patent, US-2008212739-A1: X-ray analysis apparatus and x-ray analysis method patent, US-2008223195-A1: Keyboard Assembly for Playing Music Automatically patent, US-2008239414-A1: Image Reader and Image Forming Apparatus patent, US-2008250624-A1: Method for converting a turbine casing patent, US-2008251328-A1: Brake System patent, US-2008274728-A1: Inferring a state of activity of a carrier of a mobile device patent, US-2008279510-A1: Latching mechanism for pluggable transceiver module patent, US-2008293020-A1: Learner-Controlled Foreign Language Learning Processing Method and System patent, US-2008300726-A1: Control system for active vibration isolation of a supported payload patent, US-2009001195-A1: Elevated sprinkler system for a building patent, US-2009011982-A1: Flagellin Related Polypeptides and Uses Thereof patent, US-2009023857-A1: Water-dispersible resin composition and water-dispersible polyolefin resin composition patent, US-2009027949-A1: Magnetic storage device patent, US-2009029310-A1: Dental models and series of dental models, and methods and apparatus for making and using same patent, US-2009043937-A1: Three-Dimensional Interconnection Architecture For Multiprocessor Computer patent, US-2009055935-A1: Data delivery system, issuance apparatus, terminal apparatus, and intermediate node patent, US-2009057521-A1: Tie-down bracket patent, US-2009096633-A1: Universal remote control apparatus and method based on service profiles patent, US-2009098779-A1: connector patent, US-2009150006-A1: Ergonomic computer alignment patent, US-2009156665-A1: Compositions Comprising Flavonoids and Toctrienols and Methods Thereof patent, US-2009185566-A1: Network node, frame transfer program and frame transfer method patent, US-2009192747-A1: Measurement system and method for monitoring the measurement system patent, US-2009196795-A1: Microchip inspection device patent, US-2009208045-A1: Water-resistant hearing device patent, US-2009239968-A1: Resin composition, resin composition for lens, and cured product thereof patent, US-2009243681-A1: Embedded Source-Synchronous Clock Signals patent, US-2009280380-A1: Proton conducting membrane for a fuel cell or a reactor based on fuel cell technology patent, US-2009280686-A1: Electrical connector patent, US-2009306420-A1: Process for preparing copper-comprising metal organic frameworks patent, US-2010061265-A1: Method of putting into operation a system for determining the power flows in a power distribution facility patent, US-2010101128-A1: Ballcap Banner patent, US-2010115447-A1: Method and Apparatus to Dynamically Arrange A Virtual Key Position in A Hierarchical Structure patent, US-2004008431-A1: Light collection member with a reflection part patent, US-2004008543-A1: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-2004033026-A1: Method for aligning and assembling optical demultiplexer module, and automatic aligning mechanism for optical demultiplexer module patent, US-2004034514-A1: Method for assembling the finite element discretization of arbitrary weak equations involving local or non-local multiphysics couplings patent, US-2004042165-A1: Electronic component support structure patent, US-2004118853-A1: Storage compartment patent, US-2004127557-A1: Pharmaceutical oxaliplatinum preparation for parenteral administration and method for obtaining same patent, US-2004128995-A1: Master cylinder comprising replenishing grooves patent, US-2004141382-A1: Semiconductor storage device patent, US-458280-A: Wagon-brake patent, US-2004236604-A1: System and method for detecting spatiotemporal clusters patent, US-2005011310-A1: Method for preparing non-magnetic nickel powders patent, US-2005015282-A1: Transferable and tradable annuities pension and similar instruments patent, US-2005030089-A1: Controlled switch of the switched capacitance type patent, US-2005032989-A1: Heat-curable organopolysiloxane composition and adhesive patent, US-2005047983-A1: Ester quaternary cationic flotation collectors patent, US-2005058459-A1: Optical equalizer for intersymbol interference mitigation patent, US-2005061001-A1: Streamlined methane gas generation system patent, US-2005065385-A1: Process for the production of fluoroethane and use of the same patent, US-2005068633-A1: Apparatus for reshaping an optical beam bundle patent, US-2005081878-A1: Make-up case having pallet patent, US-2005109671-A1: Method of manufacturing oxygenated fuel patent, US-2005131671-A1: Subscriber identification module (SIM) emulator patent, US-2005152297-A1: Method and system for providing broadcast service in a wireless communication system, and access terminal therefor patent, US-2005152403-A1: Method and device for frequency adjustment patent, US-2005177134-A1: Device for dosing substances patent, US-2005182967-A1: Network security device and method for protecting a computing device in a networked environment patent, US-2005183986-A1: Fixture for accessing memory cards patent, US-2005213317-A1: Flashlight with touch sensing on/off operation patent, US-2005261717-A1: Optical trocar patent, US-2005263602-A1: Electronic seal patent, US-2005283901-A1: Support base of shampoo basin patent, US-2006058618-A1: Medical kinematic analysis apparatus and a medical kinematic analysis method patent, US-2006069624-A1: Automated sales support method & device patent, US-2006092362-A1: Continuous domain in-plane switching liquid crystal display patent, US-2006119857-A1: Interferometer monitoring patent, US-2006125696-A1: Radio frequency antenna in a wireless device patent, US-2006129705-A1: Data transfer processing method patent, US-2006135004-A1: Soldering station patent, US-2006147879-A1: Rotary medical or dental instrument patent, US-2006214612-A1: Power buffering for rotating media storage devices patent, US-2006215424-A1: DC converter patent, US-2006261747-A1: Light emitting diode drive circuit patent, patent, 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